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Setup Guide for HP DeskJet Printers: Easy 123 HP Printer Setup Guide

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hey, tech aficionados! Welcome to the wondrous land of effortless printing with your shiny new HP DeskJet printer. Trust us; you're going to love this quick and easy setup guide. Whether you're rolling with an HP DeskJet 2600, vibing with an HP DeskJet 3755, or rocking any other model, we've got you covered. 🎉

Step 1: Unboxing and Assembling (Now With Extra Patience!)

HP Deskjet Printer 3755

Here's the thing: Unboxing is an art form. After you've conquered the packaging tape, remove all the cushioning and protective materials. Make sure to handle everything gently; it's your printer's first time in the outside world!

  1. Place the Printer: On a flat, stable surface, of course!

  2. Power Connection: Take that power cable and connect it to the printer and an electrical outlet.

  3. Hit the Power Button: Turn it on, and let the magic begin!

Step 2: Load HP Printer with Ink

Open the ink cartridge access door and slide those ink cartridges into their slots like you're solving the world's easiest puzzle. Each slot has a color-coded tape to guide you, courtesy of

Step 3: Feeding Time—For Paper

Grab a bunch of clean, curl-free papers.

Loading Printer Paper

  1. Open the Tray: Slide out that paper tray.

  2. Adjust the Guides: Make it snug!

  3. Load 'Em Up: Insert the papers and shut the tray. Voila!

Setup Wireless Connection with Your HP Printer

Connecting Power and Turning On:

If your printer's got a touchscreen, use it! If not, no worries. Navigate to "Wireless" or "Network" settings.

  1. Pick Your Network: And put in that password.

  2. Connected: Look for the steady Wi-Fi light!

Step 5: Driver Install—The 123 HP Way

No CD drive? No problem!

  1. Open Your Browser: Seriously, any search engine will do.

  2. Go to Type in your printer model.

  3. Download: Click 'Download' for the HP Smart App.

  4. Install: Run that downloaded file and get ready to print!

Step 6: The Test of Truth

Print a test page to see if you've got it all together. If it's all good, you're a certified DeskJet wizard!

Pro Tips:

  • Software Updates: Keep them fresh for optimal performance.

  • Genuine Ink: Accept no substitutes!

  • HP Smart App: Control your printer destiny from your mobile device.

HP DeskJet Printer Test Print

Testing Your HP Deskjet Printer:

  • Print a test page to ensure the printer is functioning correctly.

  • If the test page looks good, your HP DeskJet printer is ready for use!

Additional Tips:

Time to Unleash Your Printer's Full Potential!

You've set up your HP DeskJet printer, with the finesse of a TechNerd, and the help of 123 HP Setup site and now it's time to print like you've never printed before!

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